Customizable Floating Docks For Residential and Commercial Use.

Premium Floating Dock Systems

RGC Premium floating dock systems provide easy access to your waterfront while enhancing the look of your property. These floating boat docks are the ideal solution for locations where the water level fluctuates, areas with uneven lakebeds, and in deep water.  Designed for durability and stability, RGC floating docks provide the enjoyment and peace of mind you desire for your waterfront property.

RGC floating dock frames are built with durable marine-grade aluminum, to provide strength and stability underfoot.  In addition, high density foam-filled floats further enhances the stability of our floating docks.  Available in two styles, T9 Truss Style and S6 Solid Side Dock, and endless configurations available, you can customize our floating docks to meet your specific waterfront needs. Easy to install, add and reposition dock sections to configure your perfect floating dock setup. Furthermore, RGC floating docks are low maintenance and long lasting.

  • Water level and depth solution. RGC Floating Docks are ideal for applications where the water level fluctuates. In addition, our floating docks adapt to water level changes, waves, and currents. RGC floating dock systems are suitable for use in waters of any depth.
  • Stability and flexibility. Solid constructed marine-grade aluminum frames combined with high density floats provide the durability and stability in varying water conditions.
  • Easy installation, relocation and versatility. RGC floating docks are easy to install and are lightweight enough to remove at the end of the season. Furthermore, they are easy to relocate, if you want to reconfigure.  Accessories can be added and moved in a snap using our EasyTrack™ System.
  • EasyTrack™ System. The EasyTrack™ rail system enables you to attach dock accessories with ease and no special tools required. Simply attach, move or remove accessories anywhere along the dock perimeter using the EasyTrack™ accessory bracket.
  • Accessibility. RGC floating docks provide easy access to your watercraft, as the deck remains at a consistent level with the waterline.
  • Low maintenance. Our Deckwave Poly and Powder-coated aluminum decking options are fade and stain resistant and never require sanding or staining.
  • Customizable designs. Our huge selection of section sizes and shapes to choose from and dock accessories, you can personalize your dock to suit nearly any waterfront need.
  • High Density Floats. All floats meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulation #36 CFR Part 327 and are foam filled using 1 to 1.5 density EPS.
  • 15-year limited warranty. All RGC Marine Docks come with a 15-year limited warranty on aluminum materials and workmanship in freshwater applications.

Premium Floating Dock Models

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RGC Marine has been an industry leader supplying marine dock systems and aluminum boat lifts for over seven decades. Our floating docks lead the way in visual appeal, stability, and durability.

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