Vertical PWC Lifts

RGC’s Vertical PWC lifts are easy to install, adjust and customize.  Ideal for shallow or uneven/sloped lakebeds.  RGC’s Vertical PWC lifts support up to 1,250 lbs.  Choose from manual and AC or DC drive options .  Keep your watercraft safe and secure with simplicity and durability you can count on.  


Vertical PWC Lift Features:

  • Supports watercraft up to 1,600 lbs.
  • Largest lifting height, up to 75″
  • Ideal for shallower water applications
  • Manual and AC or DC drive options available
  • Easy installation, adjustability and customization
  • Suitable on uneven and sloped lake beds
  • RGC has been manufacturing quality boat lifts and docks in the United States for 75 years


PWC Lift Specifications
ModelWeight CapacityMaximum BeamLifting HeightMinimum Platform HeightBed LengthOverall Width (inc. feet)Overall length (inc. feet)Adjustable LegsShipping Weight (approx.)
PL10001000 lbs.64 in.46 in.9 in.72 in.72 in.N/A4 @ 18 in.155 lbs.
PL12001200 lbs.70 in.46 in.6.5 in.96 in.80 in.N/A4 @ 18 in.257 lbs.
VL12501200lbs.65 in.75 in.8.5 in.N/A73 in.82 in.Accessory233 lbs.
VL160651600 lbs.65 in.68 in.9 in.N/A73 in.106 in.Accessory415 lbs.
HL17565-601750 lbs.65 in.60 in.25 in.N/A81 in.131 in.Accessory235 lbs.
HL20058-482000 lbs.58 in.48 in.24.5 in.N/A74 in.119 in.Accessory215 lbs.
HL20065-482000 lbs.65 in.48 in.24.5 in.N/A81 in.119 in.Accessory225 lbs.