Pontoon & Tritoon Boat Lift Systems

Pontoon and Tritoon boats can now benefit from the advantages of any RGC lift.  Optional Pontoon and Tritoon Boat lift kits can be fitted to modify our Hydraulic Vertical and Vertical Aluminum lifts.  Constructed with the same durability and reliability, RGC’s Pontoon and Tritoon boat lift kits offer exceptional protection for these larger vessels.

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RGC Pontoon & Tritoon Boat Lift Systems

RGC Pontoon and Tritoon boat lift systems are specifically designed to lift heavier, wider pontoon and tritoon boats.  Our pontoon lifts are sturdy and extremely reliable and provide the stability and functionality needed to lift large pontoon boats.  Suitable for both shallow and deep water applications, as well space restricted locations, RGC pontoon boat lifts are a top choice of boat owners. Furthermore, these Pontoon Lift Kits can be used with various boat lift styles to accommodate any waterfront application and budget. If you’re searching for a reliable pontoon boat lift for sale, look no further than RGC!

RGC Marine’s Pontoon Boat Lift Features

Use these pontoon lift kits with any of  RGC’s Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lifts or Vertical Boat Lifts, for a highly functional freestanding pontoon boat lift. We offer pontoon lift kits for sale to use with almost any boat dock. These boat lifts use the highest marine-grade aluminum to provide outstanding performance and protect against the harshest marine environments.

8,000 lb. Vertical Lift with Tritoon Kit

Benefits of RGC Marine’s Pontoon Boat Lifts

  • The Pontoon Boat Lift Kit and Tritoon Boat Lift Kit is suitable for use with any Hydraulic Vertical Lift, or Vertical Lift.
  • Pontoon boat lifts are constructed with only 6061-T6 marine-grade aluminum for longevity and low maintenance.
  • We weld all fixed components which prevents the loosening of parts and enhance the longevity of the lift.
  • Excellent lifting height, up to 81″.
  • Easy to adjust and assemble-no special tools required.
  • Various drive options include AC or DC with remote option and friction drive.
  • RGC is the leading boat lift and marine dock manufacturer in the United States and has been for over 75 years.

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Take the first step in modifying your existing boat lift more reliable and efficient for your Pontoon or Tritoon boat by contacting us online today.

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