Vertical Aluminum Boat Lifts

RGC Marine Vertical Boat Lifts are constructed from the highest quality marine-grade aluminum and built to last with minimal maintenance. Capable of lifting up to 10,000 lbs, our lifts assemble quickly and easily with basic tools.


RGC Marine Vertical Boat Lifts:

  • Variety of lifting capabilities (1,250 to 10,000 lbs) 
  • Guaranteed easy operation and extended cable life with the patented R18LT and R18HD chain winches supporting boats weighing up to 10,000 lbs
  • Polymer sheaves require low maintenance and extend cable life
  • Lift from 66” to 80”, with platform heights ranging from 8-13”, ideal for areas where water levels fluctuate
  • Pivoting footplates and adjustable legs make for easy, stable installation on sloped lake beds and uneven surfaces
  • Available with carpeted wood or aluminum and vinyl pivoting bunks to secure your boat gently by fitting snugly to the hull
  • Optional AC or DC Electric Drives and Friction Drives gives you more control; optional remote control puts the power in your hands from a distance

RGC Marine Vertical Lift Callout Pic

  1. Pivoting Bunks: cradle and stabilize your boat in the lift. With multiple height options, RGC’s pivoting bunks are adjustable and offered in carpeted wood or aluminum and vinyl.
  2. Full Length Guide-Ons: with multiple height options. RGC’s Guide-Ons are adjustable and offered in carpeted wood, aluminum and wood or aluminum and vinyl.
  3. Motor Stop: stops your boat by its motor to properly position the boat fore to aft. Available in aluminum and vinyl, RGC’s Motor Stops are adjustable up to 3’.
  4. Screw Adjustable Legs: enable adjustment of lift height simply with a nut at the top of the leg.
  5. R18LT Winch: RGC’s patented winch with an 18:1 ratio provides easy raising and lowering of your boat.
  6. VL Direct Drive with Remote Control (VLDDRC): dependable AC or DC power provides easy operation of lift with or without the remote control. Equipped with limit switch to prevent your boat from raising too high or damaging the winch.

Specifications Table