Aluminum Dock Stairs

The Safe and Easy Way to Access your Dock.

Our Aluminum Dock Stairs provide a safe and easy way to access your dock.  With treads on every stair and dual side rails, you will feel safe and secure on our dock stairs no matter the conditions. Constructed with marine grade aluminum, RGC Dock Stairs are lightweight and low maintenance. Available in 3-step, 4-step, 5-step, 6-step, 8-step, 10-step, 12-step, 13-step and 14-step configurations.

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The Safe and Easy Way to Access your Dock

RGC Aluminum Dock Stairs attach easily to all our dock configurations including our Truss Docks and Heavy Duty Docks.  These stairs are adjustable so you can customize the steepness and height to your comfort and waterfront.  With RGC Dock Stairs, entering and exiting the water is easy and safe.  These removable stairs are perfect for getting in and out of the water frequently on a hot sunny day.  Dock stairs also enable easy access to steeply sloped waterfronts. The treads on every stair offer sure footing when accessing your dock when wet and on steep slopes. The stairs with side rails are an excellent alternative to ladders for people with limited balance or mobility.

metal dock 5 step stairs on adjustable legs with foot plates


RGC Marine’s Adjustable Dock Stair Features:

  • 30″ width with adjustable height foot plates.
  • Built with marine grade aluminum for low maintenance durability and lasts through years of harsh marine elements.
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy.
  • Adjustable height and steepness for the perfect fit to your waterfront.
  • Quick Attachment brackets make RGC Dock Stairs easy to install, remove and adjust with no special tools required.
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14-step configurations.
  • Compatible with RGC Truss Docks and Heavy Duty Docks
  • Stairs have non-slip treads for safety and confidence.
  • Equipped with side-rails for safety and balance.
  • Large adjustable height foot plates enhance stability on uneven lake bottoms and keep you sure on your feet.
  • All RGC Marine Docks and Lifts come with a 15-year limited warranty on aluminum materials and workmanship in freshwater applications.
  • Backed with over 75 years of experience building quality docks in the USA.

complete product manual including safety features and installation instructions is available for download on our manuals page.

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At RGC Marine, we apply the highest craftsmanship, reliability and safety standards to all our products. Our dock stairs are a great example of how our accessories can enhance the overall performance of your dock area.

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