S6 Dock System

Introducing the S6 Marine Dock System featuring our exclusive EasyTrack™ system. The S6 boat dock is built with maximum strength and simplicity in mind, and can be configured as a sectional dock, roll-in dock or floating dock. The S6 has a variety of customizations to suit any waterfront need and enhance the enjoyment of your waterfront season after season.

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S6 Solid Frame Marine Dock System – Combines Strength and Simplicity!

The S6 Marine Dock System provides the perfect combination of durability and simplicity making it a top choice for a variety of marine applications. The S6 is ideal for both commercial and residential use, offering an easy, reliable solution to achieve your waterfront dreams.

RGC S6 free-standing dock section.


S6 Dock Features

Superior Strength and Durability

Our newly designed S6 Marine Dock system is engineered with extreme durability, stability, and simplicity in mind. The S6 is constructed with a 6″ solid side frame to provide maximum strength and stability in a lightweight design.  The S6 frame provides a solid base for your decking choice and offers superior stability underfoot.  The S6 freestanding dock is  ideal for busy marinas, active waterways and is lightweight enough to remove at the end of the season.

CUSTOMIZE- Your dock, your way.

With a wide variety of section sizes to choose from, you can design a dock that suits your unique waterfront. Choose from 13″, 2′, 3′, 4′, 6′, and 8′ wide sections with lengths up to 20 feet long. We can top your dock with a variety of decking options including aluminum and poly. Add ramps, corners, stairs and a huge selection of accessories to further personalize your dock and create a comfortable, functional dock that you will enjoy season after season.


The S6 can be configured as a sectional, roll-in, or floating dock system by pairing it with our optional foot plates, wheel kit, or dock floats.

DURABLE & LOW MAINTENANCE – So you can spend more time relaxing and having fun.

The S6 Dock frame is built with only marine-grade aluminum that will never rust or corrode. In addition, all our decking choices are durable, long lasting and do not require painting or sanding.  Cool to the touch and fade and stain resistant are also features of Aluminum and Poly Decking.  You can rest assured that the S6 marine dock system will stand up to the elements of the harsh weather and marine environment.

EASYTRACK™ SYSTEM- Installation, adjustments and removal has never been easier.

Featuring our exclusive EasyTrack™ System the S6 is easy to install with sections that connect with ease.  Dock sections can be modified and repositioned without needing special tools or equipment. Accessories can be added and rearranged anywhere along the dock.  The EasyTrack™ system allows for endless adjustability and customization to your everchanging needs.

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Sizes and Deck Options

T9 Dock Sizes and Deck Options:

Dock Sections  Aluminum Snap Decking Poly Frame Only
2′ x 8′ Section X X X
2 x 16′ Section X X X
4′ x 8′ Section X X X
4′ x 12′ Section X X X
4′ x 16′ Section X X X
6′ x 12′ Section X X X
8′ x 8′ Section X X X
8′ X 12′ Section X X X