Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lifts

You get the best of both worlds with RGC Marine’s Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lifts (HVLs).  RGC’s HVLs combine the speed and convenience of hydraulics with the flexibility and easy adjustability for varying waterfronts.  RGC’s HVL will have you on the water in no time with easy operation and reliability you can count on.


Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lift Features:

  • Largest lifting height, up to 81″
  • Suitable for lower water levels and fluctuating water levels
  • Fast, smooth, quiet operation
  • Operated by your choice of 12V, 24V or 120V AC
  • Easy to assemble and adjust, requires only basic hand tools
  • Customize with RGC boat lift accessories
  • Made with only the highest quality Marine-grade aluminum
  • RGC has been manufacturing quality boat lifts and docks in the United States for 75 years.
  1. Pivoting Bunks – Cradle and stabilize your boat in the lift. Easily adjustable with multiple height options
  2. Full Length Guide-Ons – Ultimate protection for easy entry and exit
  3. Hydraulic Control Box – 12V or 24V DC powered components in a fiberglass box
  4. Hydraulic Control Box Shelf – Provides a convenient place to store your Control Box
  5. Pivoting Foot Plates – Come standard and provide stability to your lift, even on unleveled surfaces.
  6. Aluminum tubes -Sturdy thick walled marine-grade extrusions provide superior strength


Hydraulic Vertical Lift Specifications
ModelWeight CapacityMaximum BeamOverall Width (inc. feet)Overall length (inc. feet)Lifting HeightMinimum Platform HeightShipping Weight (approx.)
HVL501245000 lbs.124 in.133 in.132 in.69 in.9 in.602 lbs.
HVL50124T5000 lbs.124 in.133 in.132 in.81 in.9 in.622 lbs.
HVL70124T7000 lbs.124 in.133 in.132 in.78 in.11 in.978 lbs.