Hydraulic Boat Lifts

When you must have the best, RGC’s Hydraulic Lift delivers.  Our most innovative lift is engineered with the end user in mind – low maintenance and effortless functionality.  The Hydraulic lift will have you on the water in seconds with solid protection and dependable durability.


RGC Marine’s Hydraulic Boat Lift Features:

RGC’s premier lift is engineered for peak performance.  Fast, smooth, easy operation at the push of a button.

  • A wide range of lifting capacity to suit your needs (1,750 lbs. to 12,000 lbs.)
  • Streamlined, nearly invisible design
  • Built with only the highest quality Marine-grade aluminum
  • Aluminum hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated stainless steel shafts
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable fluid
  • Accommodates Pontoon & Tritoon boats with an optional PONTOON/TRITOON KIT
  • RGC has been manufacturing quality boat lifts and docks in the USA for 75 years.

Hydraulic Boat Lift:

  1. Aluminum tubes – Sturdy, thick-walled marine-grade extrusions that provide superior strength
  2. HYDRAULIC CONTROL BOX – 12V or 24V DC powered components enclosed in a fiberglass box
  3. SOLAR PANEL – Clean, free and low-maintenance solar power
  4. Vinyl Bunks – Cushion and protect your boat.
  5. Adjustable Extension Legs – Equipped with large foot plates to provide greater stability.


Hydraulic Lift Specifications
ModelWeight CapacityMaximum BeamOverall Width (inc. feet)Overall length (inc. feet)Lifting HeightMinimum Bunk HeightHydraulic CylindersShipping Weight (approx.)
HL17565-601750 lbs.65 in.81 in.131 in.60 in.25 in.1235 lbs.
HL20058-482000 lbs.58 in.74 in.119 in.48 in.24.5 in.1215 lbs.
HL20065-482000 lbs.65 in.81 in.119 in.48 in.24.5 in.1225 lbs.
HL40112-484000 lbs.112 in.129 in.170 in.48 in.25 in.2512 lbs.
HL40120-484000 lbs.120 in.137 in.170 in.48 in.25 in.2522 lbs.
HL40120-604000 lbs.120 in.137 in.182 in.60 in.26 in.2542 lbs.
HL60112-486000 lbs.112 in.129 in.198 in.48 in.29.5 in.2690 lbs.
HL60120-486000 lbs.120 in.137 in.198 in.48 in.29.5 in.2710 lbs.
HL70112-487000 lbs.112 in.129 in.198 in.48 in.29 in.2720 lbs.
HL70120-487000 lbs.120 in.137 in.198 in.48 in.29 in.2740 lbs.
HL70120-607000 lbs.120 in.137 in.209 in.60 in.30 in.2760 lbs.
HL90120-489000 lbs.120 in.141 in.200 in.48 in.29.5 in.4977 lbs.
HL90120-609000 lbs.120 in.141 in.211 in.60 in.31 in.4997 lbs.
HL120132-4812,000 lbs.132 in.152 in.268 in.48 in.40 in.41450 lbs.
HL120132-6012,000 lbs.132 in.152 in.280 in.60 in.40 in.41500 lbs.