HL-FLEX Hydraulic Boat Lift

Now adjustable so you can get a customized fit!

Boat hulls come in varying shapes and sizes and now your hydraulic boat lift can adapt to accommodate these different boat widths.


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Introducing RGC’s HL-FLEX free standing hydraulic boat lift! 

The new and improved hydraulic boat lift is redesigned for peak performance and flexibility.  The HL-FLEX hydraulic boat lift is fast, smooth, and easy to operate at the push of a button, and features upgraded options for efficiency and longevity.  Moreover, the HL-FLEX has adjustable width bunks to get a fine-tuned, customized fit.  Combine this with sturdy marine-grade aluminum frames, upgraded hydraulic cylinders, stainless-steel braided hoses and an improved control box ready for lithium batteries and solar charging and you have a boat lift that dwarfs the competition!

Features of RGC Marine’s NEW HL-FLEX Hydraulic Boat Lift:

  • HL-FLEX Hydraulic Boat Lifts feature adjustability, for a custom fit for your boat.
    • Adjustable Width Bunks let you fine-tune the width of your boat lift to the size of your boat hull.
    • Lateral Adjustment optimizes the distance of your lift in relation to the dock.
    • Height Adjustment with RGC Adjustable Extension Legs and DEEP WATER EXTENSION LEGS.

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HL-FLEX 9k hydraulic boat lift with full guide-ons and vertical post guide-ons


RGC Marine’s HL-FLEX Hydraulic Boat Lift Benefits:

  • LIFTING CAPACITY between 6,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs.
  • Streamlined, nearly invisible free standing boat lift design.  No need for pilings or a fixed structure thus faster, less expensive installation.
  • Sturdy Marine-Grade Aluminum Frames are thicker than competitor frames providing superior strength and wear that stands up to the harshest marine elements.  In addition, the welded frame construction requires less maintenance with fewer moving parts and less hardware to be tightened.
  • Superior Hydraulic Cylinders built with chrome-plated, stainless-steel shafts and stainless-steel fittings to resist corrosion.  Furthermore, metal Scrapers remove zebra mussels and other debris which prevents build up and damage and improves longevity.  Standard on all HL-FLEX boat lifts.
  • Stainless-Steel Braided Hoses add a layer of protection from abrasion and cutting.  These stainless-steel hoses also prevent zebra mussel damage and cutting from fishing line and other marine hazards.  Standard with all HL-FLEX boat lifts.
  • Hydraulic Control Box improved for efficiency.  Corrosion and water-resistant aluminum pump base housed in a water-resistant, lock-ready, fiberglass box and operates with lithium or 12V or 24V traditional marine grade lead-acid batteries.
    • RGC Control Boxes can be powered by Lithium Batteries for increased life and increased run time.  Additionally, lithium batteries require no maintenance and can be stored outside in temperatures down to -50 degrees F.
  • Upgrade to solar and charge your battery with clean, free, low-maintenance power from the sun.
  • Reinforced Lift Arm Pivots with welded bushings reduce wear and provide excellent reliability.
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid for peace of mind.
  • Two remote transmitters give you control your lift from a distance.
  • HL-FLEX PONTOON/TRITOON KIT offers even greater width adjustments for pontoon and tritoon boats.
  • Highly Customizable.  From width and height adjustments to a wide range of MARINE BOAT LIFT ACCESSORIES, customize the HL-FLEX hydraulic boat lift to fit a variety of applications and preferences.
  • Backed by over 75 years as a BOAT LIFT and MARINE DOCK manufacturer in the USA.

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HL-FLEX Hydraulic Lift Specifications


Model Weight Capacity Maximum Beam Overall Width Overall length Max Lifting Height Min Bunk Height Min Bunk Width Max Bunk Width Hydraulic Cylinders
HLF60112-48 6,000 lbs. 112 in. 129 198 48 in. 29 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF60120-48 6,000 lbs. 120 in. 137 198 48 in. 29 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF70112-48 7,000 lbs. 112 in. 129 198 48 in. 33 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF70112-60 7,000 lbs. 112 in. 129 209 60 in. 34 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF70120-48 7,000 lbs. 120 in. 137 198 48 in. 33 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF70120-60 7,000 lbs. 120 in. 137 209 60 in. 34 in. 34.5 in. 44.5 in. 2
HLF80120-60 8,000 lbs. 120 in. 141 211 60 in. 31 in. 40.5 in. 50.5 in. 4
HLF80120-72 8,000 lbs. 120 in. 141 223 72 in. 32 in. 40.5 in. 50.5 in. 4
HLF90120-48 10,000 lbs. 120 in. 141 200 48 in. 30 in. 40.5 in. 50.5 in. 4
HLF90120-60 9,000 lbs. 120 in. 141 211 60 in. 31 in. 40.5 in. 50.5 in. 4
HLF120132-48 13,500 lbs. 132 in. 152 286 48 in. 36 in. 57.5 in. 67.5 in. 4
HLF120132-60 12,000 lbs. 132 in. 152 297 60 in. 36 in. 57.5 in. 67.5 in. 4
HLF120132-72 9,000 lbs. 132 in. 72 in. 4
HLF180144-60 18,000 lbs. 144 in. 164 264 60 in. 41 in. 73 in. 83 in.c 4
Overall Width & Overall Length – includes feet
Min Bunk Height – The distance from the bottom of feet to the top of bunk, in the LOWERED position, with the lift extension legs in lowest position.