Canopy Fabric Sale


RGC Boat Lift Canopy Fabrics on Sale NOW!! For a limited time RGC is offering select Boat Lift Canopy Fabrics at discounted prices!  Do you have an RGC Canopy that has worn over time?  Are you tired of your Canopy cover?  RGC Canopy Fabrics are the perfect solution for a fresh update to your waterfront!   RGC Canopies are low maintenance and stain and fade resistant.  An RGC Canopy will protect your boat from the harsh sun and other weather elements, and enhance the look of your waterfront for years to come.  RGC Canopy Fabrics are easy to attach and remove.  All RGC Canopies come with a storage bag and attachment bungees.  Canopy Fabric only. Canopy frames and sidewalls sold separately. 


Whether you need to replace your existing canopy fabric due to wear and tear or you're just in the mood for a change, we offer a wide variety of replacement fabrics compatible with our canopy systems. Our canopy fabric is ideal for keeping on hand for a quick replacement should an emergency arise. A complete range of colors allows you to transform your waterfront to complement your desired theme in minutes.

Features & Benefits

Our canopy fabric easily attaches and removes from your existing canopy frame, and it enhances the look of your waterfront area. It offers other great features, too:

  • All fabrics are fade- and stain-resistant.
  • We construct our fabrics from durable Sunbrella™ material.
  • Fabric is available in multiple lengths and widths.
  • Each roll comes with attachment bungees and a storage bag.
Forest Green Sizes available:

Forest green boat lift canopy fabric

21' x 108'

32' x 116'

34' x 132'

Cadet Grey Sizes available:

Cadet grey boat lift canopy fabric

21' x 108'

24' x 124'

26' x 108'

26' x 116'

26' x 124'

32' x 116'

34' x 132'

Heather Beige Sizes available:

Heather beige boat lift canopy fabric

28' x 116'

32' x 124'

Additional information

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