Beacher Railway Systems

If your waterfront access is less than ideal for a boat lift, RGC Marine’s Beacher Railway Systems can make a big difference. For shores with 5 to 15 degree slopes or in areas with restrictive building ordinances, these systems allow for easy entry and exit from the water and require minimal maintenance.


RGC Marine Beacher Railways feature:

  • 40’ of aluminum track on all 4,000 lb models and 20’ of track on all 6,000 lb models, with additional sections of track in 10’ increments in both aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Pivoting bunks on all AR4000 models and double pivoting bunks on all AR6000 models
  • Optional electric power drives, remote controls and push-pull drive (Push-pull drive is only suitable in applications with up to 5 degree slopes.)
  • Pontoon deck brackets and cradles available for some models
  • All RGC Marine Docks and Lifts come with a 15-year limited warranty on aluminum materials and workmanship in fresh water applications.
  • RGC has been manufacturing quality boat lifts and docks in the United States for over 70 years.

Specifications Table