Boat Dock Options & Accessories

RGC dock accessories elevate your waterfront experience. Whether you need access to the water or just want a place to sit back and enjoy the view, we have dock furniture, dock stairs and ladders and much more! From functionality to safety to security, there are endless accessories available to upgrade your dock. Whether you have a floating dock, roll-in dock or a stationary dock, RGC Marine has all the right accessories for sale to meet your needs.

Our boat dock accessories offer a range of benefits:

  • Dock stairs and ladders come in various sizes and assist you in accessing your waterfront.
  • Kayak racks allow you to keep your kayak close to the lake without the hassle of remote storage.
  • Dock bumpers protect your dock corners and your boat from scrapes and scratches.
  • Poly wheels make transport easy when removing and reinstalling your dock.

Dock Options include all Truss Dock options and HD Dock options products.

Complete product manuals are available for download on our manuals and documentation page.

Choose RGC Marine for Your Lake Dock Accessory Needs

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