Boat Lift Options & Accessories

Customize your RGC boat lift with options and boat lift accessories.

Equip your free-standing lift with the right accessories to take advantage of all an RGC boat lift has to offer. RGC Marine has everything you need to improve your boating experience, from canopies to solar panels to control boxes. We offer a variety of boat lift options for sale that allow you to customize your lift and dock area according to your specific needs.

RGC boat lift parts and accessories can provide a wide range of benefits:

  • Guide-ons and guide posts protect your boat and save time docking.
  • Canopies offer superior protection against birds, the sun and extreme weather.
  • Bunks and cradles provide customized support and stability for your boat.
  • Various drive options let you customize how you power your lift.
  • Solar panels offer eco-friendly power and save you money.

Our lift options are suitable for RGC large and small craft boat lifts and allow you to tailor your lift to meet your needs.

Visit our documentation and manuals page for downloadable installation instructions and product manuals.

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