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Boat Lift Canopy Accessories & Parts

While adding a high-quality canopy is essential to your boat lift area, you also need the benefits of a few additional accessories to increase performance. Having an extra layer of protection against seagulls, an additional shelf for storage or extra fabric on hand can go a long way in extending the life of your canopy. At RGC Marine, we offer a variety of boat lift canopy accessories for sale to meet all of those needs and more.

RGC Marine Canopy Accessories for Boat Lifts

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance, provide protection or increase the overall functionality of your boat lift area, our canopy accessories are the perfect solution.

Canopy Extensions

Our canopy extensions provide additional protection from the sun, wind, rain and unwanted animals. These extensions offer a variety of features and benefits:

  • Variable lengths are available from 15-40 feet.
  • The design provides coverage on three sides of the existing canopy.
  • The extensions attach quickly and easily to your current canopy system.

Canopy Fabric

Whether you need to replace your existing canopy fabric due to wear and tear or you’re just in the mood for a change, we offer a wide variety of replacement fabrics compatible with our canopy systems. Our canopy fabric is ideal for keeping on hand for a quick replacement should an emergency arise. A complete range of colors allows you to transform your waterfront to complement your desired theme in minutes.

Our canopy fabric easily attaches and removes from your existing canopy frame, and it enhances the look of your waterfront area. It offers other great features, too:

  • All fabrics are fade- and stain-resistant.
  • We construct our fabrics from durable Sunbrella™ material.
  • Fabric is available in multiple lengths and widths.
  • Each roll comes with attachment bungees and a storage bag.

Canopy Support Leg Extensions

Our canopy leg extensions come in 6-foot and 8-foot lengths and install easily onto your existing canopy system. They provide extra support for additional stability on the frame.

Canopy Storage Shelf

Our storage shelf mounts securely to the side of your existing canopy frame, enhancing your boat lift with a convenient area for extra storage. This shelf is another easy-to-install option, allowing you to keep your smaller boat lift accessories right near the water.

Seagull Eliminator Kit

RGC’s Seagull Eliminator Kit offers a safe, effective way to prevent seagulls and their droppings from destroying your canopy. The kit is easy to install and is compatible with all RGC canopies and boat lifts. Use a fishing line of your choice that’s virtually invisible to seagulls and other lakeside birds.

Complete instruction manuals for all our products and accessories are available for download in our manuals section.

Buy Boat Lift Canopy Lift Accessories From RGC Marine Today

Whether you’re looking for new fabric, an additional shelf or leg extensions, RGC Marine has everything you need to improve the performance of your boat lift canopy.

To learn more about the canopy accessories we have available, contact us online today.

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