T9 dock section with dock chairs, dock table and red umbrella on lake in autumn.

Boat Dock Maintenance: Tips to maximize longevity

Your boat dock is an essential part of your lifestyle, providing convenient access to the water and a secure place to store your boats. In addition, a dock adds value and beauty to your home. You’ll likely want to protect this investment and that’s where boat dock maintenance comes in. […]

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floating dock on lake

Advantages of Floating Docks: Versatile Waterfront Solutions

Floating docks have become a popular choice for waterfront property owners, offering a versatile and practical solution for a multitude of shoreline conditions. Whether you own a lakeside cottage, a riverside retreat, or a coastal home, a floating dock may provide numerous benefits that can enhance your waterfront experience. What […]

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custom designed truss dock featuring a sun deck dock section with pontoon boat lift and canopy

How to Design a Custom Dock: Things to consider

When you imagine your new custom dock, you may be thinking about how it will look, but more often thoughts focus on the memories that you will make–endless sunsets and lazy days splashing in the water with loved ones. For some, their dream dock is both beautiful and effortless, seamlessly […]

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Pontoon Boat lift with boat canopy

What Type of Boat Lift Do You Need for a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoons and Tritoons are becoming increasingly popular due to the space and relaxing ride they provide. Although all boat lifts are designed to raise boats out of the water, some boat lifts may not accommodate pontoon boats due to differences in it’s hull shape compared to traditional V-shaped boats. In […]

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RGC Hydraulic Boat Lift featuring bow stop and full guide ons

Is a Boat Lift Necessary? Reasons to use boat lift

Many boat owners are surprised to learn that their boats shouldn’t be stored in water. Storing your boat out of the water regardless of its size will help protect your vessel from damage and make it easier to clean and maintain. A boat lift is also the most efficient way […]

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Truss dock with corner section on lake with Vertical pontoon boat lift and pontoon boat and boat canopy

What Type of Dock is Best?

Upgrading your waterfront property with a new dock is an investment that promises years of enjoyment and added value. Imagine having a dedicated launch for boats and kayaks, a perfect spot for sunbathing, or a gathering space for swimming with loved ones—all right at your doorstep. To begin this exciting […]

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Hydraulic Pontoon boat lift with full guide-ons and vertical post guide-ons

How Big of a Boat Can You Put on a Boat Lift?

Boat lifts are measured by capacity in pounds, designed to house boats of different shapes and sizes and can range from under 2,000 to 50,000 pounds in capacity. In addition to the weight of your boat, including additional accessories, you’ll also need to know its dimensions to ensure it will […]

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FLEX Hydraulic Boat lift on lake next to boat docks.

What Type of Boat Lift is Best for Shallow Water?

If you plan to install a boat lift on a shoreline that experiences fluctuations in water levels or somewhere with rather shallow water, it’s important to make sure that you choose a lift that will work for your specific situation. Luckily, there are a number of different types of lifts […]

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